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About the event

The first Multiplier Event organized within the ERASMUS + project Ref. No. 2019 - 1 – RO 01 - KA201 – 063162, is a workshop planned for two days. It will be organized under the coordination of the University of Porto, through the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Faculty of Sciences.

The event intends to present innovative ways to bring students closer to studying the sciences as an integrated domain. For this approach, the event will address the teachers, who will be provided with the educational resources made within the Intellectual Outputs achieved, Application for Virtual Laboratories and Programming and Arduino.

For the Multiplier Event, we will target two types of participants.
The event will be attended by Portuguese teachers who teach science disciplines and practitioners who work in the field of Education, Training, and Management in face-to-face, blended and e-learning scenarios. The reason for selecting these practitioners as a target is that in a time of significant scientific discovery, the pedagogical dimension needs to be brought to the forefront of teaching/learning and learning processes for Science understanding and its role for society. 

International workshop participants will be partners of the organizing institution, faculties of science, or pedagogy with whom the Department has scientific and collaborative contacts. Through these participants, the Intellectual Outputs will penetrate into international educational environments, which will represent a new dimension of project addressability.

The goals of the multiplication events will be:

-to disseminate the results by improving the international dimension of the project
-to provide participants with tools and methods useful to the innovative approach of science teaching, with the student as the center of the action
-to share the intellectual output of the project
-to share experiences and results
-to explore new areas of cooperation between the participants


The workshop is designed in partnership with the other project partners. Except for the Portuguese partners, the other partners will broadcast video presentations.


The Event will have Portuguese and English as official languages. Presentations can be in person or remotely, in Portuguese or English.

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